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A development role in a technical organization commensurate with the expereieince and managerial skills where I am fully and continuously engaged in the design, implementation, and tettererment of a web application.


Over fifteen years experieinces working from various leadership roles witin the full Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) covering a market or government based sector. Superior software skills honed and fine-tuned through extensive practice while in the U.S. military and various software organizations:a strong commitment and sense of reponsibility, goal oriented, coach, and team player.

Professional Experience

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA), Charlotte, North Carolina | March 2016 -- Present
Software Development Manager 
  • Designed and developed in-house utility using OpenCSV and Apache POI for ingesting 1.2K records, enriching the data, and uploading into the system of record. This resulted in nearly $50K and over 800 man-hours in savings.

  • Produced easy consumable infromation for development and texting executives using a simple linear regression algorithm and combined with a data visualization tool. This resulted in a predictive model and early identification of KPIs for the successful launch of the product involving 34 applications across the enterprise.

  • Authorized six company videos (tutorials) using in the education of internal users on the usage of electronic signatures and electronic forms. This required learning and using the Adobe Premier Pro CC tool. The short one-minute videos resulted in the increase demand for component-based services and electronice signatures for contracts.

  • Trained five system analysts on eliciting approximnately 1K technical requirements for system development involving Oracle database, microservices architected applications, DataStage ETL, UX, and electronic forms. Each analyst was taught the use of Visio, block diagramming, target-source data mapping, wireframe prototypeing, and mockups.

  • Spun up five distributed Agile teams using Rational Team Concert (RTC), Confluence, team metrics while providing training to 25 team members on estimating development work. This resulted in all teams fully embracing the Agile methodology and improving their delivery of component software.

  • Coached and encouraged project teams on the use/capability of industry tools for tracking 1.2K requirements and approximately 10K test cases in the intial launch for the re-platforming of critical components involving annuities. This resultsed in the customization of Rational Team Concert and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for over 100 teams.

  • Environment: Eclipse 4.x, Intellij 2017.3.2, Maven-3.x, Gradle 4.x, Oracle-11-g, JDK 1.8, MS-Visio, Premier Pro CC, Tableau Desktop, Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, HP-ALM 12.x, Spring 4.x, Spring Boot 1.5.x, Liquibase 3.5.x, PostgreSQL 9.6, DBSchema 7.3.x, RazorSQL 7.x, SharePoint, MS-Office, WebLogic-10.3, Windows-10, Redhat Linux 2.6.9, IBM-RTC, Data Stage, Pencil.

Bank of America (BoA), Charlotte, North Carolina | August 2015 -- March 2016
Enterprise Solution Lead/Senior Java Developer 
  • Researched and demonstrated through a proof-of-concept how a separated process could tie into an existing Mule process then captilized on and gain reuse of existing processes with little effort. This saved approximately a week in development time for the team.

  • Designed and audit solution using existing architecture whereby other developers could implement cross cutting across the application for logging and auditing information using special annotations. This spring-boarded the implementation for an auditiing trail of bank information at the enterprise level.

  • Created personas, user scenarios, cross-functional workflows and storyboards using PowerPoint, Visio, and Pencil. This surfaced a more detailed understanding of the process for requesting reports involving legal entity organization and anti-money laundry operations for the technical team.

  • Mentor four development teams in their adoption and omplementation of Agile. This led to the creation of a separate release plan for each product, creation/loading of features/stories in Rally, and setting up a continuous integration build process using maven, ANT, and Jenkins.

  • Environment: Eclipse 4.x, Intellij 2017.3.2, AnyPoint Studio, Maven-3.x, Oracle-11-g, JDK 1.7, Mule-3.6.1, AspectJ, Apache-Commons, Apache-ActiveMQ 5.1.2, Subversion, MS-Visio, SuperPutty, PowerShell, WinSCP, MS-Office, WebLogic-10.3, Windows-7, Redhat Linux 2.6.9, Pencil.

Robert Half Technologies, Charlotte, North Carolina | June 2015 -- December 2016
Various short-term development assignments 
  • Created several screens using the Sencha ExtJS library and wiring them to a Spring Framework. This new design paradigm required quick adaption for updating a medical application. It is also called for the implementation of a maven build for expediated testing for the new screens using features from the Sencha plugin for Intellij.

  • Created a systematic-way using batch scripting for the removal of all versions of JAva from 2,500 machines and reinstalling the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment. This process included the extensive use and modification of the Windows registry, installing a new certifcate within a keystore, deployment/configuration properties, a white list of web sites, a Java utility for checking content of a keystore, and turning off functionality within the Java Control Panel.

  • Environment: Eclipse 4.x, Intellij 14.x, ExtJS, CSS, SASS, bootstrap, Sencha ExtJS, TestNG, JavaScript, Spring 4.x, SQL Server 2008, Maven-3.3.3, JDK 1.8, Subversion, MS-Remote Desktop, Windows-7.

Premier Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina | July 2010 -- April 2015
Various Leadership Positions for Enterprise Solution Development 
  • Designed and solved how a CRM and a defect management system handling clinical customers’ product concerns could work together while keeping the Solution Center up-to-date with the development activity.

  • Researched and won acceptance for a unit-testing framework for PL/SQL. Demonstrated and explained the workings of the framework using Maven to other developers and QA analysts. Negotiated with the team, PMO, and the Business Owner on the best implementation strategy.

  • Managed the day-to-day operation of the MicroStrategy team that consisted of 4 developers and one architect. This also included partnering with MicroStrategy developers located on site. Duties involved the development of quarterly release plans for not only basic report changes, but also but also upgrades to the basic product versions/SDK from MicroStrategy.

  • Design, implemented and delivered a MS-SQL Server 2008 stored procedures application whereby HIPPA training was tracked within individual health systems. This required a quick review of the Moodle architecture and database.

  • Setup a user role and privilege base menu component whereby the metadata was stored within a database. This effort provided other developers a quick way for navigating through the dummy screens and a clear division of work for further development of pages until a layout template could be refactored into the project.

  • Lead the development effort in reviewing the entire SQL calculation process for annual report submissions to Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). This responsibility caused all 256 individual SQL statements to be reviewed and tracked with the assistance of a DBA. The result targeted 50 files requiring modification and a recalculation of all customer data. Assignments had to be split amongst three developers and tracked until completion. The six-week, Agile effort culminated in providing CMS Reports to the individual customers prior to their requested date.

  • Created several operational management reports and subreports using JasperReports, iReport, and PL/SQ. This structure called for a detailed layout of the parent report and flow to the 15 different subreports. The new functionality of the product offered statistical and comparative analysis between hospitals and peer facilities while adding a drill-down capability to individual departments using bench mark indicators. The reports were demonstrated at the annual customer focused conference for the industry involving over 100 large hospitals nationwide.

  • Environment: Spring 2.5.2, Hibernate 3.0.5, MyEclipse 7.5, Eclipse 3.5, JBoss 4.2.3, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 10g, PostgreSQL, Netezza, WebMethods 7.1.2, JSP, JSF, Dojo, DisplayTag, Drools, Firebug, Struts2, JavaScript, XML, XSD, JDK 1.5, JBossESB 4.6, TortoiseSVN, Subversion, Hudson, TestNG, PMD, Findbugs, Ant, Jupiter, Advance Query Tool, SQL Developer, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio 2008, GIMP 2, DbUnit 2.4.5, JUnit 4.5, JasperReports 1.3.2, iReport-1.3.2, SQL Manager, SQL:(T-SQL/PL/SQL), JIRA, Confluence, XML Spy, MS-Visio, WindowsXP, Redhat Linux 2.6.9, Filezilla, Putty, MicroStrategy.

Associate Developer to Senior Java Developer Roles | October 1998 -- July 2010
Various Contracted Development Role and Industries
  • Senior Java Developer | November 2008 – July 2010 | Premier Inc. | Clinical Analytics
  • Senior Java Developer | April 2007 – September 2008 | Intergraph Corp | Global Online Ordering
  • Senior Java Developer | April 2005 – April 2007 | SunGard EXP | Financial Services
  • Technical Co-Lead | September 2003 – April 2005 | Intergraph Corp | Global Online Ordering
  • Java Developer | February 2001 – July 2003 | AT&T Corp | Regional Billing Services
  • Java Developer | February 2000 – December 2000 | Bank of America | Risk Management Services
  • Senior Test Engineer | January 1999 – February 2000 | NASA | Financial Accounting
  • Java Technical Lead | October 1998- January 1999 | Lockheed Martin | Defense Logistics


Security/Credit Clearance

Russell A. Ray – –(980) 425-7723

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